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First dibs

Newcomer finds lost SI card

Missing in action- dibber 987

Missing in action- dibber 987

Published: Sun 18 Nov 2018

Like finding a needle in a, we're not talking about "that" control on your last course. Rather, what happens when those neat little timing chips we attach to our index fingers go missing during competition (and hopefully not into a pile of brashings)

One SI card or 'dibber' as we call them vanished mid-run at the Wilmot's Pool event, but a glimmer of hope arose when the strap turned up during a family picnic stop.

Judy Craddock recounts a miraculous recovery...

Can you imagine how surprised we were when a new person, Mike, arrived at the Willett Hill JOG and presented us with a dibber he had found on a path near Wilmot’s Pool!!

Finding dibbers straps- it's no picnic

Finding dibbers straps- it's no picnic

Four adults had spent half an hour searching for it on the day, unsuccessfully so we had thought it gone forever. THEN to add to the surprise Erin came towards us waving the finger band for that dibber, the Toomer family had been having a picnic there before coming to JOG and had found it!

-Judy Craddock