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Hamptworth Galoppen

The tall bracken made it difficult to hold a straight line route (Jeff's route on Brown)

(SW League)

The usual dozen or so members ran on Sunday in the New Forest.


League tables after 2 events

Season planner

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Round up

At Hogwarts?


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Team for final announced

Haywood Warren, Brown course (2013)

Compass Sport Trophy

Club captain Chris Hasler has unveiled his line-up for the Final in the West Midlands on Sunday 21 October. A mini bus will be taking most of us there and we'll be using the club's superfast SIAC dibbers.

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Bogs & spoil heaps

Part of Pete's route on Green- Karen crossed the same marsh en route to #3

In Dorset & South Wales

Several members competed on the tricky and sometimes boggy open moorland of Purbeck for the annual Dorset Delight on Sunday, while another two went to South Wales to reaquaint themselves with the even trickier moonscapes left behind by industry, almost as an accidental gift to orienteers.

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Caddihoe Chase 2018

Perham Down

& SW Long Distance champs

Bill Vigar retained his M80 South West long distance and Caddihoe Chase titles, while Tony Hext achieved an impressive long distance result of third place on M70.

Results: SW Champions - Caddihoe Chase - Website

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Round up

Anyone for table tennis...or a bar of Toblerone?

Weekend action

The new season has really got going, with three events in the region this weekend plus the London City race, where Andrew Page made the junior men's podium. Meanwhile, M80 Bill Vigar took 3rd place in Devon OC's club champs, up on Dartmoor.

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Gard of honour

Finishers Chloe And Dawn

Sue is new club champ

In winning Sunday's contest at Ham Hill, Sue Gard showed what an open contest our annual club champs are. Sue's is the 14th different name to be inscribed on our magnificent trophy in the last 15 years.

Photos (Dropbox)

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British Middle & Sprints

Julia R finishing at Stock Hill

Stock Hill / Bath Uni

Results: Middle, Sprints

Two of the biggest events on the calendar came to Somerset with the national sprint finals at Bath University and the middle distance title competed for at Stock Hill near Wells the next day.

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News round up

The Adventure Show

on TV

  • Our sport was the subject of some serious coverage on BBC's the Adventure show recently
  • QO has a new membership secretary
  • Events round-up

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MapRun series

A nice shortcut through a riverside wood by one runner at Wilton

Summer 2018

Graham Hartley explains why he found Richard's summer smartphone series inspiring, even after a hot summer pounding the tarmac in a seemingly endless sequence of urban races throughout the South West...

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