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Competitors' documents

Competitor registration form (pdf)

Competitor registration form (Word)

Updated November 2018.

Also featured: registration form explained & codes of conduct

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Map printing

Bridgwater Map

& other news

With the club now striving to create its event maps directly from the widely used Purple Pen software, we have a new guide to assist planners with the process.

You can find it here

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Purple Pen

Planning using software

Course planning software

Purple Pen is the club's course planning software of choice and a really useful tool. It's also free to download.

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Planners' Resources

Mike A planning a White course


Here we have a set of resources for all course planners. Hopefully everything you need is here, but if not, someone who has done it before will be happy to help answer any questions you have.

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Maps for printing

Bridgwater Map

from Purple Pen

This guide provides a step-by-step approach to obtaining an event-ready set of maps from the Purple Pen file you've set up to plan courses on.

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User agreement

Before you get started, please read the following statements and terms. By downloading the app and / or printing the course map, you are agreeing to these statements and terms.

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Maps & areas

Possible venues

The following is a list of areas with good quality terrain with the potential to host a course.

Please let Jeff Pakes know (see contacts page) if you would like to get involved in this process of planning a course.

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Setting up an event

For MapRun

It's relatively straightforward to set up an event once the steps have been learnt though there is a learning curve on the first one or two events you set up.

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to MapRun

MapRun (also known as MyOMaps), doesn't need kites, control units or permanent course posts- just a smartphone app. Several courses have already been set for use with the app throughout the county.

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Getting started



The following is information common to all MapRun courses that we have set up.

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