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Using GPS

for planners & controllers

GPS devices are an excellent resource when updating maps and plotting where control locations are to be.

This article explains how to use:

- the club EtrexH GPS units to collect data during field survey work.

- free GPS software

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Advice for volunteer mapping surveyors and planners

Here's a document with advice on using our GPS units for mapping surveying operations

view it here

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QOFL planning timetable

The following timetable contains suggested latest possible deadlines for completing each of the main tasks in planning courses for a QOFL. Actual timings will vary from event to event, but ideally should be earlier.

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Competitors' documents

Competitor registration form (pdf)

Competitor registration form (Word)

Updated November 2018.

Also featured: registration form explained & codes of conduct

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Map printing

Bridgwater Map

& other news

With the club now striving to create its event maps directly from the widely used Purple Pen software, we have a new guide to assist planners with the process.

You can find it here

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Purple Pen

Planning using software

Course planning software

Purple Pen is the club's course planning software of choice and a really useful tool. It's also free to download.

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Planners' resources

Mike A planning a White course


A set of resources for all course planners.

Mon 24 Sep

Maps for printing

Bridgwater Map

from Purple Pen

This guide provides a step-by-step approach to obtaining an event-ready set of maps from the Purple Pen file you've set up to plan courses on.

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User agreement

Before you get started, please read the following statements and terms. By downloading the app and / or printing the course map, you are agreeing to these statements and terms.

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Maps & areas

Possible venues

The following is a list of areas with good quality terrain with the potential to host a course.

Please let Jeff Pakes know (see contacts page) if you would like to get involved in this process of planning a course.

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