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League scoring & rules

for MapRun

MapRun series take place in urban environments so the handicap scoring system is based on ordinary road and street running rather than on rough terrain. The method chosen for our Winter and Summer series is explained below.

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Organising & safety courses

Organising And Safety Courses 1


Good use was made of the Organiser and Safety Courses put on by QO and SWOA at the weekend, with seven club members gaining certificates and several more there to share their experiences.

Roger Craddock reports.

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Computers team

Si Timing Software

News about SI

Did you know that you can install our SportsIdent timing software on your own device? Maybe you have a copy already.

Those interested will need a new licence key, as we've just renewed for another five years of SiTiming software, as SI manager Andy Rimes explains.

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Recommended guides

Graham Nilsen Guide Jpg

for planners

There's a variety of material for planners out there, some old, some new.

Choose which one suits you, depending on your level and your learning style.

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Organiser's checklist

for QOADs/ MapRun events

An aide memoire for these event nights, which are low-key street-based races run from public or pub car parks, with the entire event run from smart phones.

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Scoring formats

for MapRun

There are a few different formats that we use. The most complicated one to understand is the Blocks format, but those who have ran in our after dark events will already be familiar with the concept.

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Open source maps

Produced in Open Orienteering Maps

"Open Orienteering Maps"

We use these maps when there is no bespoke OCAD map for an area- so every where except certain parts of Taunton. They are produced from open source mapping data. This article explains the difference in the specification of the two types of map used.

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A competitor's view

of MapRun

Jenny West relives her first MapRun experience for the benefit of others new to the format.

I thought that it would be an interesting novelty event but wasn't sure about there being nothing to see at the control site.

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Courses & Workshops

Safety training

Organising & event safety

A neighbouring club is putting the following courses on soon:

Organisers Level B course- 20 March, Ilsington, Devon (Devon OC)

Click on the link to learn more.

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New rules

BOF Logo

for mapping & planning

Calling course planners... please be aware that BOF have issue updated rules new for 2019.

The majority of the changes also relate to mapping, in particular aligning with the relatively new mapping standard ISOM 2017.

Link to new rules

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