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Contributions to the new website

Quantock Orienteers Website

Quantock Orienteers Website
Credit: PFweb

Last edited: Sat 10 Dec 2016

Could you lend a hand contributing to or managing the new website? Training and permissions can be given to a deputy web manager and news reporters. Also here is a list of those who helped develop the website.

The aim is to keep the new website is kept as up-to-date as possible with results, news stories and accompanying photos, features, information and links to other sites of interest. If you have any comments or suggestions about the website or need to tell me something is missing or wrong, please contact me (see contacts page).

The key feature of the website is that several people rather than just a webmaster can upload to it, to varying degrees. In due course, I would like to share the web manager duties with another. I am hoping for a co-manager or at least a deputy for when I am unavailable. A few people will also be given the permissions to upload results and entries, typically those with leading roles in the SI team. News reporter permissions can also be allocated to those who feel they can contribute news stories for the home page.

More generally still, contributions to the website are welcome from all in the same way that they were for the currently dormant QuOnicle. Our newsletter had a varied series of articles, reviews of events from individual runners and pieces of general interest. Of course, an editorial eye is needed too (another vacancy) as is someone who could politely badger people to make those contributions!

Jeff Pakes

Credits and acknowledgements

Thanks to all the various people who had a hand in developing this website:

  • Website designer: Paul Frost (PF Web)
  • Organiser: Jeff Pakes
  • Sub committee: Fiona Boyd, Adrian Edwards, Chris Phillip & Jeff Pakes were behind the purchase and design decision
  • Preliminary study: Spencer Modica, Rosie Wych, Gavin Clegg & Adrian Edwards
  • Landscape photography: Jim Nickolls, Simon Beck. Particular thanks to Jim for providing specially composed photos for the home page 'slideshow'
  • Other photography: Mark Lockett- for two of the front page action photos plus some library photos
  • Various other photographers, who are credited on the pictures themselves
  • Advice: Bryan Smith of Devon OC, who also use PF Web
  • Advice and alternative proposal: Mike Kite (WIM). Thanks to Mike for offering to develop a site for us, advising us and supporting us in our decision
  • Outgoing webmaster: Nath Fernandes (VEU Design). Thank you for 10 years' of service
  • Results and league tables: Brian Pearson & Tony Milroy liaised with PF Web
  • Other advisors: Angela Modica (newcomers), Bill Vigar & Bob Lloyd (areas), Pete Shirvington (using CMS's)
  • Thanks also to the QO committee
  • Sorry to anyone missed out!

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