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Compass sport cup team event - your club needs you!

Rallying Round The Flag- Jeff, Adam, Ollie & Andy B

Rallying Round The Flag- Jeff, Adam, Ollie & Andy B
Credit: Judy Craddock

Published: Mon 15 Jan 2024

This year we are heading to Bere Wood, near Bere Regis, Dorset, on the Sunday 18th February.

In this event you race individually in your age class and everyone's result contributes the overall club score.

The more entries we have across all the age classes the better our score will be!

So please, ping a quick email to to register your interest, preferred course from the list below, and if shared travel arrangements would be of interest.

Course 1 - Brown - Men Open
Course 2 - Short Bown - M40+, M20-
Course 3 - Blue - Women Open
Course 4 - Blue - Men M50+
Course 5 - Green - Women W45+ W20-
Course 6/8A - Green - Men - M60+ M18-
Course 7 - Short Green - M70+ W60+
Course 8B/10 - Short Green - M80+ W70+ W18-
Course 9A - Orange - M14-
Course 9B - Orange - W14-