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Club's 50th

Anniversary event

O Cake

O Cake

Published: Fri 20 Oct 2017

We are looking to mark the club's half centenary in 2018 with a special event. What do you think we should do? There's a few ideas below. Please pass on your thoughts at a forthcoming club night or event, or phone or email our chairman (see contacts page)

Summer BBQ?

Summer BBQ?

Bear in mind that we have very limited information about our early days. No one appears to be able to recall where or when our first club event was.

Three ideas of how we could mark the anniversary:

Have a social event

With all current and past members present


- dinner at a pub or function room (Manchester & District OC did this)

- buffet at our club house (COACH)

- summer barbeque (e.g. Ramscombe, outside a village hall)

We could try to arrange speakers, presentations, a quiz and / or displays of memorabilia.

The Wessex and Wimborne clubs had a joint 50th social (see You Tube).

Celebrate at or after an event

Either have a small ceremony at the event, perhaps with basic food and drinks served, or combine it with a meal or social on site or nearby afterwards. Possibilities:

- a forest league event

- a bigger event (e.g. April's Galoppen- Mole Valley OC did something like that)

- club championships in the summer

- our own SW series summer relay (one is being planned)

- reboot our Xmas novelty event, perhaps with quiz questions at various controls

- our early autumn Long O weekend

Manual timing systems

Manual timing systems
Credit: ESOC

Retr-O event

Retr-O event

Recreate an event of yesteryear

With vintage equipment, like West Cumberland OC have done.

Though reading this article by Wimborne OC's John Warren might make you think twice. Maybe we draw the line at marking up our own maps in red biro. After all, can we really celebrate by hanging pin punched control cards onto washing lines to check them? Or reusing the original map? Or digging latrines?

Or cake?

Perhaps we could commission a cake like the O cake pictured (Chris Philip was the lucky recipient of this on a recent birthday- no, not the '50' cake-!)

- Jeff Pakes

Changes over the last 50 years- and the future

Includes reminiscing on retro stuff...