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Club Nights

Autumn programme

Last edited: Tue 19 Sep 2017

Here's our grant-funded programme for the coming term. It includes presentations and sessions helping you learn more (or pass on what you know) about our sport and provides a rare opportunity to socialise and train with fellow orienteers. NEW (19 Sep): training programme added


Club nights will run from 18.30 to 20.00 each Thursday. On some dates they may carry on later than 20.00.


All sessions will be at the COACH building, French Weir Park. Any outdoor training offered will be in the fields adjacent.


Did you read our Chairman's Chat introducing the series? Link here.

Event pages for each club night any providing further details will be set up in the week that precedes it. Click on the links in green type below if you'd like to learn more about any of the activities.


All who are interested in this or outdoor sports generally

Key to groups each training session is focussed on:

J= for juniors, S= for seniors, JS = both juniors and seniors


Note- links to the individual programmes in A4 format appear above.

DatePresentations & workshopsDetailTraining (fitness & technique) / who for
28th Sept Sports Ident timing system (SI)- training Introduction and advanced sessions
Features on the map,
Distance judgement,
Sprint work
5th Oct Planning for CATI (the "Come and Try It" event next Sat)
Stamina and fitness training
Briefing of helpers
Thumbing where you are on the map,
One mile loop
Juniors & seniors
12th Oct Committee meeting Open meeting for members

Changing direction grid, Quick thinking 400m J
19th Oct Advanced planning (post- conference)Summary of Exeter Course
Folding the map, Zooming in
800m JS
26th Oct Routegadget Analysis of QOFL2 courses
No session
(half term)
2nd Nov Purple Pen course for Planners Introduction & discussion for new planners
More map symbols,
Speed work
9th Nov Mapping using OCAD Using the software,
Survey next weekend
Distance judgement,
200m triangle intervals
16th Nov Use of GPS with QR codes Score event round Long Run Meadow (LRM) using smart phones
Features: what are you running to!?
‘HASH’ loops
of 800m
23rd Nov Review of events Review of QOFL's,
Preview of QOADs
Strength & flexibility
30th Nov Controllers' course (basic level) Introduction to Controlling

Control description symbols,
One mile loop
7th Dec First Aid course Using outside FA trainers,
Coaching for Seniors & Juniors
400 m loop
14th Dec JOG Presentation & social After dark event around LRM (using SIAC),
Followed by social & presentation
Pairs night, Christmas ‘O’, Social (bring food to share)

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