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Club clothing

Neil and Jana model the QO top

Neil and Jana model the QO top

Published: Sun 1 Mar 2020

Be seen in your club colours in the new 2020/21 season!

We have club t-shirts, O-tops and possibly still some jackets, in a range of sizes.

Please let us know if there are any other club clothing items you feel we could be producing e.g. hoodies

Running tops

The tops are made of airtex type material, rather than the vented, ripstop (see through!) fabric used in batches since the 2014 redesign.

If you are interested in buying a top, please contact Judy Craddock (details on the contacts page), who has a range of sizes available. Though we have childrens' sizes in stock, adult sizes are only available to order only at present.

Manufacturer's size & fitting guide.

If in any doubt about what size might fit you, ask Judy if you could try one on. The fit is larger than existing tops- an XL is easily as big as an XXL from the last run.

We understand that it will be easier to place an order for these tops with the current manufacturer, so replacement tops should be relatively quick to source in future.

Orienteering kit

Looking for running tights, shoes, gaiters or a new thumb compass maybe?

Traders Ultrasport and Compass Point often have stands with a large array of O-gear at the bigger events nationwide i.e. those that attract a few hundred people or more.

Other merchandise

An orienteering board game, Forest Challenge, devised by a member of another south west club, has been re-released for Christmas.